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Delivering Ecosystem Services through Urban Forestry

Urban biodiversity loss needs to be halted for many reasons, not in the least because of the role it plays in the provision of essential ecosystem services. At a recent meeting co-organized by IUFRO, researchers and practitioners from across the globe discussed the specific contributions of urban forestry, linking between strategies and day-to-day maintenance activities. More

First All-Division 9 Forest Policy and Economics Conference

The first all-Division 9 conference which was held back to back with the "IUFRO Directors' Forum", a meeting of deans of faculties and directors of forest research institutions, was a tremendous success. The conference did not only offer an ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and strengthen collaboration, it also served to identify future pathways such as possible scientific contributions to the IUFRO World Congress 2014. More

Improving Supply Chain Management in the Forest Sector to Develop Local Economy

The international symposium on "Supply Chain Management for the Forest Sector and its Contribution to Local Economy" gathered forest scientists, government officials and private sector representatives from around Japan, as well as experts from other continents, to facilitate a dialogue on solutions to overcome the current problems through the improvement of supply change management in the Japanese forest sector. More



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