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PDF for download: Progress Report of President

Professor Niels Elers Koch, IUFRO President    
IUFRO Headquarters – Secretariat    

International Council Representatives 2010-2014

Circular Letter of the IUFRO President
Information about the Increase of IUFRO Membership Fees

- To take note of the Circular Letter of the IUFRO President
highlighting past and current IUFRO activities
- To take note of the new IUFRO annual subscription rates
- To send comments or suggestions


Dear Member of the IUFRO International Council:
Dear Friend of IUFRO:

As we have now moved well into the year 2012, I am sending you the enclosed circular letter (please click link above) in order to inform you of major achievements and decisions of IUFRO in the year 2011 and to highlight some important activities and upcoming events in 2012.  

In this context, and in accordance with the IUFRO Statutes and Internal Regulations, I would also like to inform you in this circular letter about the adjustment of the annual subscription rates for IUFRO Member Organizations and Associate Members.  

I would be pleased to receive your feedback, comments and suggestions regarding the items raised in the circular letter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or IUFRO Headquarters (office@iufro.org).

I very much look forward to a fruitful collaboration with each of you in the year 2012.


Best regards

Professor Niels Elers Koch
IUFRO President


PDF for download: Progress Report of President